Explore business networks

of your prospects, customers & competitors

DealGraph leverages AI to identify relationships among organizations hidden in unstructured texts and images.

Relationship Intelligence

Gain instant knowledge of relationships your prospect, customer or competitor has with other organizations. Without spending hours on research.


  • Suppliers 200
  • Customers 17
  • Partners 127
  • Investments 34

Relationship Alerts

Receive timely alerts of new relationships leading to crucial insights and new opportunities. No need to scan through news every day looking for needle in the haystack.

Relationship Graph

Visualize networks of organization via interactive graphs and find answers:

  • How are companies working together in a given market?
  • How do customer sizes & industries differ among your competitors?
  • Where are the smartest organizations placing their bets?
  • How disperse is the supply chain of a given company or market?

Who is this for?


Sales teams can find new accounts based on relationships in their existing network.

Company Research

Investors gain better understanding of target company’s customers and partners.

Market overview

Corporate development teams are notified about new deals in their target market.

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